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March 11, 2011Want attention? Be controversial.
February 25, 2007SaxtonWatch.com wins Pollie Award for Best Negative/Contrast Website
February 25, 2007"Help Earl Decide" wins Pollie Award for "Best Use of a Website for Volunteer/Field Organizing"; and Golden Dot for "Outstanding State Online Campaign"
February 25, 2007CandidatesForSale.com wins Pollie Award for Best Organization/PAC Website
November 1, 2006Are these candidates for sale?
September 13, 2006Leveraging $4000 into 2250 names and 1758 volunteers
August 17, 2006Evan Bayh's All-American Superstars: trained, deployed, and ready to win
July 20, 2006Our Nevada Clients
June 28, 2006Marketing to the Millennial Generation
May 16, 2006 Oregon Election Day: Our many primary candidates
March 20, 2006Katherine Harris: Make her spend it all!
January 28, 2006Launched: BootBurns.com - telling the truth about Senator Conrad Burns
November 10, 2005Launched: SFVoteWatch.com
October 29, 2005Launched: ChangeNJ.com
October 1, 2005Personal Democracy Forum: On the Rise of the Oregon House Democrats
September 30, 2005Launched: DemocratsForTheWest.com
August 19, 2005Launched: Peterson2006.com
August 15, 2005Launched: LeftyBlogs.com
July 27, 2005Launched: OneBallot.com
July 21, 2005 Blogging the AFL-CIO Gathering
July 20, 2005 Launched: Harvey Levinson for Supervisor (Hempstead, NY)
June 22, 2005New Email Broadcasting Service: MandateMail
June 19, 2005Taking Sides: Our Values
June 18, 2005Is blogging too risky for politicians?
June 8, 2005Blogs & email impacting local politics in Escondido, CA
May 25, 200527 Legislators, One Blog.
April 24, 2005Launched: OCPP.org
March 28, 2005Launched: DemocracyResources.com
March 2, 2005Building Community through Blogs
November 4, 2004MEDIA RELEASE: In a tough year, Mandate Media clients go 5-0
July 21, 2004Blue Oregon
July 3, 2004Trust Juries, not the medical malpractice ballot measure
July 1, 2004The fight for Oregon's working families goes online
June 21, 2004Wired: Campaign Domain Name Speculation
May 19, 2004REDUX: Dirt from all 50 states
May 11, 2004P&T is now a blog...
February 19, 2004 Self-Promotion: Three clients goin' live

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