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Petition Trends: 4 Reasons Petitions to #StopYulin2015 Went Viral
From Change.org:

A petition to save Beau the dog became Change.org’s most popular animal victory and the fourth most popular victory of all time when more than 630,000 people stopped the city of Dyersburg, Tennessee from putting him down. Millions more have supported a variety of animal petitions and victories on the site, making animal protection the most popular cause area on Change.org.

So when petitions to stop the Dog Meat Festival in Yulin started gaining traction in early June, we knew people would voice support. But the response was even bigger than we anticipated.

Read the rest at Change.org.

How to not ruin your website
From Netroots Foundation:

How do you get a beautiful new site that meets your needs, on time and on budget? One of the first things we recommend people do is read up on the latest web design trends. See Frogloop and Mashable articles for what’s hot in 2014 and 99 Designs for what’s hot in 2015.

Read the rest at Netroots Foundation.

Top 4 A/B Testing Myths BUSTED
From Share Progress:

Maybe you’re not so sure about A/B testing, or you have a coworker with some questions about it? We’ve listed four common myths about A/B testing, and what the truth really is for each one.

Myth #1: You and your supporters like exactly the same stuff.

You like the environment. Your 80-year-old supporter Dolores likes the environment. You guys have a lot in common already! So maybe she’s been retired for 20 years, and lives in Fort Meyers, Florida, and subscribe to Birder’s World. And maybe you’re 24, and live in Brooklyn, and get most of your news from Vice’s Snapshot stories. But if you think something’s funny, she’ll definitely think it’s funny too, and then share it with their Facebook friends. You do both like the environment, after all.

Read the rest at Share Progress.

Facebook Use Polarizing? Site Begs to Differ
From New York Times:

For years, political scientists and social theorists have fretted about the Internet’s potential to flatten and polarize democratic discourse.

Because so much information now comes through digital engines shaped by our preferences — Facebook, Google and others suggest content based on what consumers previously enjoyed — scholars have theorized that people are building an online echo chamber of their own views.

But in a peer-reviewed study published on Thursday in the journal Science, data scientists at Facebook report the echo chamber is not as insular as many might fear — at least not on the social network. While independent researchers said the study was important for its scope and size, they noted several significant limitations.

Read the rest at New York Times.

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