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Why would Hillary Clinton join LinkedIn? Is it even still a thing?
From The Washington Post:

To political junkies whose social network of choice is Twitter and who haven't touched their LinkedIn profile in years, Hillary Rodham Clinton joining the Internet's "professional" social network on Thursday might seem a little weird. Does anyone care she's on LinkedIn? Is there any political benefit to be reaped from it? Is it even still a thing?

There might not be a strong overlap between LinkedIn users and people in politics or media, but the site has 115 million users in the United States, according to the company, and 28 percent of all Internet users are on it, compared with 23 percent on Twitter, per Pew, so yes, it's still a thing. It's just not a thing for getting news.

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Start A/B Testing if You Are Not Doing It Already
From Social Media Today:

The A/B Testing is a wonderful way for businesses to effectively test their online marketing strategies and get the best out of their existing traffic. With A/B Testing, you take the guesswork out of website optimization and validate that any prospective change to your website is improving its conversion before you move on to change your site code.

Testing and measuring the effectiveness of the online promotional and marketing strategies can make a big difference in your marketing efforts. At the end of the day, it’s all about hitting the sweet spot, and maximizing return by persisting with the changes that convert best.

For those who are new to A/B testing, we have listed a few basic concepts you have to consider in order to ensure better results from your campaigns.

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Social Advocacy and Politics: Can Social Media Increase Political Efficacy?
From Social Media Today:

The long presidential campaign season is upon us and the media is filling up with stories about how social media is changing politics. And perhaps because bad news always seems to sell better, many of these stories take a dim view of the impact. They focus on the risks candidates face from getting caught saying bad things on video; how those videos can spread like wildfire through social media. They point out how social media may be trivializing politics. But few of these articles talk about the potential for social media to increase political efficacy. And that is something the media should consider covering.

Poltical Efficacy is the people's belief in their governmentPolitical efficacy occupies a corner of the larger notion of “trust in government.” Efficacy, when it comes to politics, is the degree to which citizens feel that the government is responsive to the will of the people. Research reveals two levels, internal political efficacy and external political efficacy, both of which comprise the whole of political efficacy. External efficacy is the degree to which citizens believe that the government is responsive to the will of the people, at large. Internal efficacy is the belief that the government is responsive to “me,” as an individual citizen.

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Is There A Correlation Between Paid Marketing and Donations?
From Care2:

Last week, we updated you about why tracking your nonprofit’s growth can make or break you. We supported our claim with the recently released 2015 M+R Benchmarks Study that featured stats from 84 nonprofits. We promised a follow up with highlighted findings on website engagement. We’re here to deliver!!

Let’s start with some good news. Overall website visitors per month increased 11% since 2013. Unfortunately website donations went down in the nonprofit sector. Check out the stats.

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