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In politics, a great e-mail list still trumps a buzzy social media account. And it’s not close.
From Washington Post:

What a political campaign would do, if it could, is send someone to your house to sit down with you and talk to you for an hour, get to know you, meet your kids, and convince you to go out and vote on the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the appropriate November.

Barring that, it loves at least knowing where you live, because from there it can figure out how often you vote and who you live with and, after cross-referencing with some databases neatly compiled by massive consumer research organizations, knows what you buy and how you think. (Within a certain, probably-smaller-than-you-think margin of error.)

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Why Social Media Habits Matter
From Connectivity:

Most associations and advocacy groups have questions about their social media program.

Where do we put our time, energy and money? Do we need to be active on multiple platforms? What are the people we need to reach using?

The answers will hinge on many factors, but there is some data that can help. The Pew Research Center released a pair of studies, one on internet usage and one on media habits, that have some strong indicators. And the answers might surprise you.

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3 Foundational Steps to Successful Content Marketing
From Social Media Today:

Creating great content takes time, resources, and creativity. Before investing in creating a piece of content, take a step back and determine what will make your content successful. Marketers are increasingly asked to demonstrate ROI and prove their value to the organization – what better way to do that than with remarkable content that generates real results?

Ask yourself these three questions before embarking on your content journey. You’ll establish a strong foundation for your piece and ensure it meets your goals!

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Test This, Not That!
From Share Progress:

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight (or even if you’ve ever opened up a glossy magazine) you’ve probably seen it: a photo of a tiny pile of almonds next to a massive burger, with a headline admonishing you to “Eat This, Not That!”.

So with that in mind, we’re bringing you Test This, Not That. Better A/B testing was your New Year’s resolution, right?

Read the rest at Share Progress.

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