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Mandate Media: Digital Strategy for People Changing the World

What We Do

We help our clients develop their internet strategy and execute that strategy with technology tools.

  • We build buzz, recruit volunteers, raise money, and shape the media environment.
  • We design and build websites.
  • We manage content; we write and send emails.
  • We develop and deploy online advertising and to recruit supporters and influence people.
  • We communicate and organize people using social media.
  • We track the latest trends - and sometimes help create them! - and help our clients figure out what's worth doing.
  • We understand how campaigns operate and how technology can help them achieve their goals and solve problems.
  • We believe that every campaign communication – including fundraising emails – should embody the candidate’s brand, authentic voice, and personal tone.

We work for progressive causes because we believe in changing the world.


Building a great website isn’t your goal; changing the world is. We’ll help you craft an effective online communications, social media, fundraising, and organizing strategy that integrates with your offline strategy.

Learn more about our strategic approach.


All the strategy in the world won’t matter if you don’t have the right technology and tools to execute the plan. We’ll build you a website that’s easy and intuitive to update. We’ll host it on our secure and robust servers and customize it just for you.

Learn more about our tools.


We’ll help you create buzz and build capacity through social media, blog outreach, and email broadcasting.

Learn more about marketing online for social change.


Internet advertising has become a very cost-effective way to find new supporters, donors, and volunteers – as well as a meaningful part of the media mix for reaching voters before election day.

Learn more using advertising to find donors and reach voters.