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Blue Oregon

First, it was just rumors. Then, speculation. Then, a few well-connected bloggers started posting links here, there, and everywhere.

Well, now, it's official. BlueOregon is the next thing on the horizon. From the press announcement:

BlueOregon seeks to be "the water cooler around which progressive Oregonians will gather to share news, commentary, and gossip."

A group "blog", BlueOregon will feature commentary from diverse voices from around Oregon. It'll be progressive; it'll be smart; it'll be funny; it'll be compelling; it'll be provocative; it'll be unpredictable. It'll be political, but not narrowly so. It'll be a free-ranging social and cultural critique. Above all else, BlueOregon will not be boring.

Of course, as with all things here at Mandate Media, BlueOregon is more than just a great place to get commentary about Oregon. It's also an experiment. We're trying new things all the time - what Franklin Roosevelt called "bold, persistent experimentation" (albeit his work was more important). Some experiments will stick, others won't.

Time will tell for BlueOregon. Jump on in, the water's warm.