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Working on LeftyBlogs 2: Got ideas?

Over the last nearly-two years, our site LeftyBlogs.com has become the home page for the local progressive blogosphere. Indexing over 2500 blogs every hour, we've archived over 850,000 blog posts - and generated over 11 million clickthrus from readers. The auto-updating BlogWire now appears on some 350 blogs, generating about 400,000 pageviews a week.

A lot of folks have shared suggestions for the next iteration of LeftyBlogs - and I want to tell you that those ideas are actually going to be implemented. At Mandate Media, we've just added a kick-ass programmer to our team - and he's pulling some long hours re-engineering LeftyBlogs from the ground up.

The new LeftyBlogs will be faster, more stable, more transparent, and more customizable. Blog owners will be able to view the current "health" of their feed - and see how long ago they were indexed. And all LeftyBlogs readers will be able to search LeftyBlogs for specific keywords - and even make those searches "live" and auto-updating. Readers will also be able to "bookmark" particular posts and save them to a page of past favorites.

But we're not just interested in telling you what's going to be in the new LeftyBlogs.

You tell us. What do you want to see?

Dream big.

We've got a powerful and robust river of blogginess flowing through here -- what should we do with it? What would make your life easier and more interesting - either as a blog reader or a blog publisher?

Post your comments over at the LeftyBlogs blog.

Posted on April 25, 2007 in