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Use "interactive" media to actually, y'know, interact.

Kevin Anderson has a good point about the ways that most campaigns use blogs and social networking sites.

It’s pretty easy to see through these cheap ploys, and they feel disingenuous. Setting up a static page on a social networking site actually makes it look even more static, not at all interactive. Just by being in MySpace, or having a Twitter feed or putting the odd video up on YouTube doesn’t make a media organisation more interactive if you don’t actually interact. Publishing on an interactive platform is still just publishing. What happens when people ask your ‘content’ questions, and there isn’t a human being there to answer? Well, at the very least, nothing happens. People get bored and go away. But, sometimes bad things happen, especially when you’re not particularly clueful with your approach and don’t understand the space. If you want community and participation, be ready to participate.

If you're going to get interactive, then you've got to interact. If you ask for feedback, then you'd better listen. If you want people to engage your campaign in conversation, then you've gotta actually participate.