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Anonymity sucks, he said anonymously

Hilarious. From the "gee, what are these blogs anyway?" coverage of the California Democratic Party convention -- in the San Francisco Chronicle.

But one key state Democratic strategist, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of concern for riling the netroots crowd, warns that such efforts are potentially positive and negative.

Netroots commentary can frequently be intensely personal, even "totally mean and irrational," the strategist said, with some bloggers finding power in their ability "to assassinate political characters online."

"It's amplified by the anonymity, and it can be scary that it's so irresponsible," the insider said. "And it's pulling the mainstream media in that direction."

Settle down, folks. There's hardly a mainstream and influential political blog that is authored anonymously. Sure, there are always going to be commenters yakking anonymously - but that's been true of talk radio (and, frankly, letters-to-the-editor) for years.

Doesn't anybody remember Silence Dogood anymore?