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September 14, 2008The folly of speculative domain squatting
November 2, 2007Congressman LaTourette gets blogger fired
May 7, 2007Who's Who on the Presidential Internet Teams
April 28, 2007Anonymity sucks, he said anonymously
March 12, 2007California Legislature credentials first blogger as "press"
February 28, 2007California Blogger Denied Press Credential
January 16, 2007Extra! Extra! Politico.com launches next week...
December 19, 2006Person of the Year is "You" -- not that silly.
November 22, 2006Safire explains "netroots"
September 7, 2006When you do a "tell-all", ya gotta tell ALL
August 31, 2006Using your blog to get out a bad story...
February 26, 2006"A vast network of small media for Democratic politicians"
November 29, 2005Bloggers Digging Deep into Duke's Dirty Money (OR-4 & NJ-7)
November 21, 20052006: The rise of local political blogs
October 24, 2005Why Congressman Conyers Likes to Blog
August 29, 2005 Media coverage for TV spots - that don't actually run
June 9, 2005From Pennsylvania: Chuck Pennachio brings the AP to its knees
April 3, 2005 From Knoxville: The importance of blogs early in the election cycle.
March 15, 2005State of the News Media
February 24, 2005Don't creep people out
November 5, 2004Breaking News to the President
September 12, 2004Buying Online Advertising
August 18, 2004 Finally. It's just "internet".
July 19, 2004Blogs vs. Traditional Media
July 16, 2004Using FlashNews to push your message out
July 11, 2004When Good Blogs Go "Bad"
May 25, 2004 Google News Alerts: The flack's new best friend
May 19, 2004REDUX: Dirt from all 50 states
May 14, 2003Dirt from all 50 states
March 27, 2003Live and Uncensored from Iraq

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