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Media coverage for TV spots - that don't actually run

Over at WisOpinion.com, Bill Christofferson notes that it's now possible to get media coverage for a television commercial that never actually runs.

The example I've used is the group that wanted to discredit AARP, the American Assn. of Retired Persons, at the beginning of the Social Security debate. They simple made a spot that linked AARP to support for gay marriage, put it up on the Internet (I think for a day or less) and let the media take it from there.

Bingo! National coverage about the spot, everyone heard the message about AARP and gay marriages, and no one had to spend any money actually advertising on TV.

He also notes the wall-to-wall media coverage about a guy running independent commercials in New Hampshire supporting Hillary Clinton for President. How big was his buy? Just $264.

With the advent of cheap video production, ponder this strategy as a (cynical, but effective) way to get media coverage from a news media that's lazy, bored, and on deadline.