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"A vast network of small media for Democratic politicians"

Over at GOTV, Alice Marshall is tracing the ten-year history of blogs in Virginia. Many of those bloggers have gone on to fame as bigtime national bloggers.

Here at Mandate Media, we're blushing since GOTV mentions our project - LeftyBlogs.com - near the tail end of that history.

Mandate Media has created a fabulous resource with local Lefty blogs. Want to know what Democrats in Kansas think of Senator Robert’s performance on the Intelligence Committee? Go to Local Kansas blogs. Want to follow the non-recovery on the Gulf Coast? Go to Louisiana and Mississippi blogs.

And this simple line which could serve as a mission statement -- why it is that we built LeftyBlogs.com:

Ordinary Americans, looking for something to read, have created a vast network of small media for Democratic politicians, who are now beginning to utilize it. Senator Reid is on record as saying ”blogs are all we have.” It is a remarkable achievement.

Knitting together the local blogosphere is critical work in 2006 and beyond. Using LeftyBlogs.com - and its BlogWire feature - we'll be able to move message faster and further than the other side.

Together, we will take back America.