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Building Community through Blogs

Earlier today, I spoke at the Oregon Capital chapter of the PRSA. We had a great conversation about building community and building audience through blogs. As promised, here's the links that I mentioned.

A classic personal blog, written by Jack Bogdanski - a professor at Lewis & Clark law school. Covers politics, culture, music, goofy stuff, and (rarely) tax and law issues.

The General Motors Corporate Blog. A sample: "I have been reading through some of the comments here in the Design forum and have taken particular interest in the interior discussion threads. I have to admit that most of the postings are right on with respect to past execution elements relating to our vehicle interiors. While I won't bore you with the details around why things like gray interiors are necessary, I will tell you that...."

A group blog on progressive politics in Oregon. Over 30 contributors, 600 editorials, 8000 comments, and 280,000 page views - since July 17, 2004.

The Portland City Club's blog, mostly with discussion on meeting topics. Very light commenting going on.

A blog for Basic Rights Oregon, recently launched.

Blog Services
The leading blog search engine. Continuously updated.

Syndicates over 600 blogs around Oregon. Several dozen new items each day.

typepad.com, blogger.com
The leading two blogging services. Blogger is free. Typepad is $5-15/month, with many more features.

Blogs about Blogging

Stuff to Read
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by Zafar S. Shah, Nonprofit Quarterly

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by Tom Watson, On Philanthropy

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