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Katherine Harris: Make her spend it all!

LittlecashSometimes, we just like to have a little fun. Last week, Katherine Harris -- you remember, the Princess of Darkness from the 2000 Florida Fiasco? -- announced that she's staying in the race for the US Senate.

And not just staying in, but putting her entire $10 million inheritance from her father into the race. She said, and we swear we're not making this up, "I'm going to put everything on the line. I'm going to commit my legacy from my father. $10 million. This is everything that I have."

The only logical response?

MAKE. HER. SPEND. IT. ALL! (dot-com)

We had the site up in just 90 minutes -- driving dollars to incumbent Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. (Full disclosure: he's not a client; we never talked to anyone from the campaign.) By the next morning, we were front page news at DailyKos, Atrios, Agonist, All Spin Zone, MyDD, Dependable Renegade, Oliver Willis, and many other top lefty blogs.

Over the weekend, MakeHerSpendItAll.com even made the St. Petersburg Times.

Sometimes, it's just too damn much fun.

Update, 3/21: I mentioned the site this morning on my weekly spot on KPOJ, my local Air America affiliate. Apparently, a caller heard and called it in to the Al Franken Show. Another traffic spike!

Update, 3/22: We got front-paged at Raw Story and Political Wire, too!

Update, 3/23: We made the politics blog at Rolling Stone magazine.

Update, 3/25: MakeHerSpendItAll.com was featured in the Miami Herald today.