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Oregon Election Day: Our many primary candidates

Not sure what's in the water up here in the Northwest these days, but quite a number of our clients have tough races this spring -- some in Democratic primaries, and others in non-partisan races. For some, the whole race is the primary - and others will keep on fighting in the fall.

We've neglected mentioning the many campaign sites we've launched this spring (over three dozen), so we're going to try and catch up. For now, here's the folks who are biting their nails today.

First and foremost, the governor of Oregon - Ted Kulongoski - is up for re-election, and is facing a tough primary challenge. Once he gets past today, he'll have to re-unify the Democrats - and then will likely face both a surging GOP candidate and a well-funded independent candidate.

For the first time in decades, there's an open seat on the Oregon Supreme Court. There are three strong candidates - and we're working with Gene Hallman, a long-time attorney from Eastern Oregon. It's very likely that this race will continue on to a fall run-off.

In the city of Portland, two members of the City Council are facing strong challengers for re-election. Portland is also experiencing its first election under the new "Voter-Owned Elections" system (known elsewhere as "clean money campaigns").

One of our clients, Commissioner Erik Sten, is participating in the system and facing a well-funded challenger. Another client, Commissioner Dan Saltzman, is going the traditional route - and is facing a challenger who is receiving public funds.

In the state Senate, there are two contested open races. We have clients in each - in both cases, younger first-time candidates taking on long-time elected officials.

Sam Chase is the executive director of the Community Development Network and is a strong advocate for affordable housing.

Jesse Cornett is a long-time political aide - and a founder of BlueOregon.com. Both races started late, with incumbents getting out late this spring. (In Cornett's case, the race came open on filing day and Jesse filed at 4:30.)

Mandate Media is the sole recommended website vendor to Oregon House Democrats candidates. We'll have more on all of them later, but here's the two that face contested primary elections today.

Tobias Read is a Nike shoe developer and a first-time candidate, running for an open seat, against a long-time party leader.

Lynn Partin
is a long-time policy staffer, and is running in a wild and wide-open five-way primary for an open seat. That one is anybody's guess.

Good luck to all of 'em tonight.