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Launched: ChangeNJ.com

Change njThey're just getting underway, but the good folks at ChangeNJ.com are hoping to build a thoughtful, policy-oriented progressive blog for the state of New Jersey.
We were happy to help them build an attractive, clean, and usable site design.

Here at Mandate Media, we believe in the power of the local blogosphere. With BlueOregon, we've seen what a local, progressive blog can do for the progressive community in a state. Stories break, gossip gets shared, and most importantly - community is built. At BlueOregon, we're getting over 20,000 page views a week - about 2000 people every day.

It's happening everywhere, all across America in just about every state. Check out LeftyBlogs.com for the big list.

Here's hoping that ChangeNJ takes off in similar fashion.

Posted on October 29, 2005 in