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Evan Bayh's All-American Superstars: trained, deployed, and ready to win

Last week, I spent four days as one of the trainers at Camp Bayh -- a political boot camp of sorts, gearing up 50 young people to work on targeted 2006 campaigns in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, and Indiana.


They got a full-immersion training in all aspects of campaigns - including extensive sessions on internet strategy, email broadcasting, and blogs.

What's this all about? From CNN.com:

Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Indiana) is flooding Iowa with 25 campaign staffers to help Hawkeye State Democrats in the midterms, a move designed to help build good will with influential caucus-goers should he run for president in 2008. The Indiana Democrat is also sending 15 staffers to New Hampshire as well as three to Nevada and two to South Carolina.

The Hotline points out that "It's the largest Leadership PAC staff deployment we've ever seen. "

Bayh's All America PAC has a great three-minute video featuring a few of the Superstars. There's also photos here.

Having spent four days with this crew, all I have to say is: Watch out. This crew is smart, talented, motivated, and hard-working. They're going to make a huge difference for their campaigns -- and then they'll be headed for 2008. Hot damn.