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MEDIA RELEASE: In a tough year, Mandate Media clients go 5-0

PORTLAND - While Democrats were discouraged around the country, every client of Mandate Media won their campaigns. Using the internet to raise money, build buzz, and mobilize volunteers is an increasingly effective strategy in political campaigns and advocacy efforts.

In the closest statewide election in Oregon, the Coalition for Real Insurance Reform declared victory over Measure 35 today with a 20,000 vote lead. As campaign manager Charlie Burr said today, "Our net strategy was a critical part of our victory. We were able to communicate widely to the thousands of members of our diverse coalition partners, and at one critical moment, our email outreach helped us raise over $300,000 in 72 hours."

Facing the strongest GOP challenger statewide, Secretary of State Bill Bradbury was handily re-elected over his Republican challenger. In a hard-fought race, the Alaskans for Professional Wildlife Management succeeded in defeating Alaska's Measure 3 by a margin of 59%-41%. Mandate Media also will continue to provide internet strategy and services to Senator Ron Wyden and Congressman Earl Blumenauer - who were both easily re-elected.

In addition to these five wins, the Oregon House Democrats used their strong net strategy to raise money and build buzz for their candidates -- picking up a net gain of 2 seats. Also, we worked extensively with a number of groups that successfully delivered Oregon for John Kerry, including Labor 2004, America Votes (Oregon), and NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC.

Said Kari Chisholm, president of Mandate Media, "This year, the internet has matured as an organizing and advocacy tool. Howard Dean proved it at the national level; we're making it happen at the state and local level." Mandate Media also publishes BlueOregon, a website for progressive news, commentary and gossip in Oregon.

Posted on November 4, 2004 in