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Blogging the AFL-CIO Gathering

It's going to be a big deal.

Starting Friday evening, the leadership of the AFL-CIO will be gathering in Chicago to talk about the future of the labor movement.

From Chicago, the executive director of the Oregon AFL-CIO will be blogging his take on the twists and turns. You can bet that it's going to be interesting. From Tim Nesbitt's initial post:

No one knows what our union movement will look like after the AFL-CIO’s national convention in Chicago next week. But you can be sure it will be different.

Usually, at these conventions, we celebrate our successes. This time, we will acknowledge our failures and address the gathering threats to our movement. There is a sense of controlled panic that surrounds this convention.

Check it out.

(One more thing: Tim's Blog is also a bit of a sneak preview of a long-awaited and much-anticipated redesign of the Oregon AFL-CIO website by Mandate Media. The rest is coming soon.)