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Trust Juries, not the medical malpractice ballot measure

Yesterday, sponsors of seven ballot measures turned in signatures to put their measures on the Oregon ballot.

One of the measures, sponsored by insurance companies, would limit jury awards in medical malpractice cases. We're working for the other side - a coalition of seniors groups, consumer groups, trial lawyers, and labor unions - that calls themselves Trust Juries for Responsible Solutions at TrustJuries.com. In their view, limiting jury awards would just let the 5% of bad doctors that cause 55% of the malpractice off the hook.

The proponents say they want to limit insurance premiums for doctors. Maybe I'm being simple-minded, but why not just put a cap on insurance premiums like California did back in '88? Seemed to work...

Yeah, yeah, this is self-promotional fluff - we only do it when new sites go live. What did you expect?