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email strategy

May 4, 2012What's the best time to send broadcast emails?
September 1, 2008Don't use fake quotes in draft emails. Especially if you're calling your opponent an asshole.
August 18, 2008Jim Inhofe campaign called out for spamming voters
July 28, 2008In Pennsylvania, an email broadcasting effort gone awry
June 1, 2007Bobbie Edwards and her Six-Dollar Pecan Pie Recipe
April 5, 2007Is it OK for our campaign to donate a list to an allied or friendly group?
January 29, 2007 Now that's a fabulous automated receipt email!
November 27, 2006The confirmation email: a key resource
November 2, 2006This time it's Chafee: Another stupid, stupid, stupid Senate staffer
August 8, 2006Says one voter, " I will never vote for [that guy] because he has spammed me."
August 5, 2006First look at 2008 presidential email campaigns
July 18, 2006Build engagement by surveying your supporters
May 20, 2006Fake email controversy in New Orleans election
April 2, 2006Bad Idea: Email Appending Voterfiles
March 2, 2006Colorado Secretary of State candidate plummets from airplane; survives
February 3, 2006Short & Sweet: Embrace the Preview Pane
January 26, 2006Study: the net enhances individuals' networks
January 8, 2006Florida Candidate for Governor Spews Spam Everywhere
October 31, 2005Don't send emails that look like they're phishing
October 21, 2005"My son is not a pig" - now that's a subject line!
September 13, 2005Writing good subject lines for email broadcasts
July 2, 2005Still recruiting volunteers on the phone?
June 24, 2005Now that's a compelling action alert email
June 23, 2005Never, ever, ever send emails to these domain names
June 22, 2005New Email Broadcasting Service: MandateMail
June 9, 2005From Pennsylvania: Chuck Pennachio brings the AP to its knees
June 3, 2005How do you build your email list?
June 2, 2005 Does CAN-SPAM apply to "tell-a-friend"?
May 20, 2005Three Million John Kerry Supporters
May 4, 2005The end of electronic contact with Congress?
February 24, 2005Don't creep people out
January 9, 2005Post-election email strategy
November 28, 2004Tracking email readership
November 23, 2004"Politics on the Internet is here to stay"
November 22, 2004Be Disciplined with Email
November 6, 2004Test your email for spamminess
October 12, 2004Ouch. Oregon GOP Divulges Nearly 2400 Email Addresses.
June 17, 2004Wesley Clark: friend of spammers? really?
June 11, 2004Email "campaigns" versus single-asks
May 12, 2004 Duck, Duck, Goose: Testing your broadcast emails
February 19, 2004All about political email
October 6, 2003The Tale of Two Governors, E-mail Style

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