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MANDATE MEDIAdigital strategy for people changing the world

What We Do


coaching + consulting

We take a hands-on teaching approach to working with your team. We’ll teach the candidate what he or she needs to know about new media to be successful. We’ll work closely with your staff to develop techniques and tactics for engaging your supporters and the public.

email engagement

Our emails drive action. We believe that every campaign communication – including fundraising emails – should embody the candidate’s brand, authentic voice, and carry a personal tone. We’ll build your mailing list, and produce effective engagement and fundraising emails.

social media

We’ll develop a strategy to use social media networks to create buzz and build your own 24/7 communication channels. We’ll help you create shareable content that moves outward to your supporters. And we’ll develop and execute a plan to cost-effectively build your fans and followers.


Starting early and running throughout, acquisition ads have become a very cost-effective way to find new supporters, donors, and volunteers. We work with our clients to develop campaigns to acquire supporters and donors. Prospecting online means you’re able to narrowly target new audiences by demographics, geography, or interest area – and you’re able to tweak the creative in real-time.


Online ads are an important part of voter contact persuasion as a supplement broadcast ads and direct mail. Whether you’re targeting ad-skipping voters, pre-flighting direct mail, or reinforcing your TV ads during the workday, internet advertising is a powerful tool. We develop the strategy, produce the creative, place the bids, optimize the buy, and report the results. We’ll actively manage your online advertising every day – making sure that you’re getting the best results.


content management

Our content management system (CMS) is built on the open-source Django framework. The Django framework is said to be built for "perfectionists with deadlines" – and we're able to rapidly produce complex and interesting websites with a variety of technical and content requirements.


We can integrate your website with ActBlue, NGP, ClickAndPledge, C&E Systems, or any other donation mechanism. We’ll work with your team to help them understand how best to use your preferred donation system to manage events, encourage your supporters to raise money for you, and raise money through your donors' affinities and affiliations. We’ll work with you to ensure that you've got a workflow system in place that ensures that the data and money wind up where they belong.

mobile optimization

We'll develop a mobile-optimized display for your website, ensuring that your site looks and works great, no matter what device your supporters use.

strategic design + architecture

We’ll develop a visual design for your website that communicates the right brand image – whether it's traditional or revolutionary, policy-wonky or grassroots hip, local or national, patriotic or pastel. We’ll make it match your existing materials – or get you something ground-breaking and brand-making.

We’ll also develop a content architecture that organizes your website effectively – bringing the latest news and critical action items to the forefront, while integrating social media.