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Jim Inhofe campaign called out for spamming voters

In Oklahoma, it appears that the Jim Inhofe campaign did an email append against a voterfile -- and worse, they've made it impossible to unsubscribe.

As I've written many, many, many, many, many times before, this is a very bad idea.

One more time: Don't email-append voterfile lists. You're just sending email to people who don't want it. (Appending a donor/volunteer list is a little iffy, but at least you already have a "business" relationship with those people.)

And for the love of god, make it easy for people to unsubscribe. And respect the unsubscribe request.

OK, from Oklahoma:

For months I've been getting spam from the Oklahoma Republican party. Ryan Cassin has been told that I do not wish to receive spam from the Inhofe campaign, yet the spam continues. I've asked politely several times for all of my addresses to be removed from the Inhofe/Republican database(s) but my requests have been ignored. ...

Inhofe's campaign is spamming one email address that was only used to order pizza from Papa John's Pizza. When I ordered the pizza I do not remember seeing an optional checkbox to receive Inhofe spam next to the checkboxes for pepperoni, Italian sausage, onions and anchovies. There was no fine print that stated my email address would be signed up 'as a volunteer' for the Inhofe campaign. Nevertheless, I am getting spam after spam thanking me for 'being a volunteer' for the Inhofe campaign. Why? While I am a registered Republican, that status is soon to change. I cannot and will not be a member of a party that thinks spamming people is OK.

The Inhofe campaign is also spamming an email address that was only used to set up a web based email address at EastLA.net. Nowhere on the EastLA.net web site does it say that I will be added to the Inhofe campaign 'as a volunteer'. Since I use coded email addresses every time I use an email address I know precisely when and where an email address was given out and for what purpose.

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Posted on August 18, 2008 in email strategy, GOPWatch | See full archives