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2008 Presidential Punditology: Super Tuesday Winners

Well, it's taken us a full week after Super Tuesday to sort through all the results (and sit around waiting to find out what happened in Missouri and New Mexico.)

Like everyone else, we've been sorting through the state-by-state numbers just trying to figure out exited Super Tuesday with the most pledged delegates (Obama 887, Clinton 869, per CNN as reported on the Ultimate Delegate Tracker.)

First, a word about how we scored things:

On the Democratic side, we asked you to pick the winner - and tell us whether it'd be a big win or a small win. If you got the winner right, that's two points. If you also got the scale right, that's another bonus point.

On the Republican side, we asked you to pick the top two. If you got the winner right, that's two points. If you got the top two right, that's another bonus point.

The Top Punditologists

Once again, our top punditologist was Jonathan Singer - front-page blogger at MyDD.com and law student at Boalt Hall. He scored 108 points, and picked the winning Democrat in each state except Arizona, Delaware, Massachusetts, and Utah; and the winning Republican in each state except Minnesota and Oklahoma. (C'mon, Jonathan, let us in on your secret!)

Here's the top 10% of the punditologists:

Jonathan Singer, 108 points
Tim Crail, 106 points
Kyle Schoenfish, 106 points
Nathaniel Hake, 101 points
Alan Fleischman, 97 points
Maxwell Fritz, 97 points
Greg Packnett, 96 points
Steve Hauck, 96 points
Wayne Kinney, 96 points
Carl Fisher, 94 points
Drew Russo, 94 points
Corey Crowley-Hall, 93 points
David Gikow, 92 points
David Jarvis, 92 points
Kari Chisholm, 92 points
Steven Davis, 92 points
Katie Eukel, 91 points
Dave Porter, 91 points
Bill Ryan, 91 points
Shawn O'Neal, 91 points
David Riave, 90 points
Jake Oken-Berg, 90 points
Justin Schafer, 90 points

Given how much slower the primary season is, I think we're done for now. We'll be back in October with the big 2008 Punditology Challenge (and, for Oregonians, in May with the Oregon Primary Challenge.)

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