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The 2008 Presidential Primary Punditology Challenge

You're smart. You're political. When people whisper, "that's what THEY say," you're the one they're talking about.

So, it's time to put it on the line in the biannual Punditology Challenge. This year, we're starting early - with a January edition of Presidential Primary Punditology.

Do you know the top-three order of finish in the Iowa Caucus? Do you know which Republican will win the South Carolina Primary? Do you know which candidates will drop out before Super Tuesday?

Correctly predict the winners and you could be famous. You could be the next Cable TV talking head. There's no money in it, but if your crystal ball is the finest of them all - we'll bow down before your greatness and proclaim it to the world.

(In 2004, Intel policy guy Jonathan Williams correctly picked every governor's race, every Senate race, and all but one state in the presidential race. We're still astonished.)

The deadline for your picks is Wednesday at midnight. So, get on it!

The 2008 Presidential Primary Punditology Challenge awaits your brilliance.

Good luck. And happy new year. 2008 has finally arrived.

Posted on December 31, 2007 in