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On blogs, your anonymity is NOT guaranteed.

Here we go again.

This time, a legislator in Washington State - a Democrat - thought he was posting anonymously on a right-wing blog... and they figured out who he was.

Recall my Feb. 3 post which busted the Secretary of State for disseminating incorrect information about initiative signature gathering campaigns. See the comments signed by "PDC expert", which tried to argue the SoS line that the Washington Education Association used only volunteer signature gatherers to place the anti-charter-school Referendum 55 on the ballot. "PDC expert" was as obnoxious as he was incorrect. And as it turns out, he is a state legislator, Rep. Geoffrey Simpson (D-Kent)

How do I know that the comment poster was Geoffrey Simpson? The commenter's IP address was from the King County network, and through public records requests it was traced to the City of Kent and to Geoffrey Simpson himself.

Remember, it's pretty hard to be anonymous on a blog - especially if you post multiple comments, and if you do it from home, work, or someplace else where you're a regular.

Posted on February 23, 2007 in