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Elizabeth Edwards: cruising the blogosphere

So, it seems that Elizabeth Edwards - better half of '08 candidate John Edwards - not only reads blog voraciously, she's a regular commenter as well. From Campus Progress:

I get a lot of information from blogs, I have a whole list including Talking Points, Daily Kos, Democratic Underground and more. Sometimes I check out the right wing sites to see what they are talking about. I have a whole folder of sites and I open them all up every day and see what catches my eye. ...

Sometimes I would post on blogs not under my real name. ...

And no, I won’t tell you what sites I did it on. But I had to stop doing that after John started running. Now I sometimes participate under my own name. I participate in blogs and newsgroups – not just political ones but other issues too. I initially went to graduate school for English, so I am part of some newsgroups on the use of the English language, like alt.englishusage, people just love to argue about everything on that one!

But with the big dust-up over the Edwards bloggers - Amanda Marcotte and Elizabeth McEwan - some are wondering what her involvement was in that controversy.

Over at Blog PI, Bill Beutler wonders aloud, "Will Elizabeth Edwards Resign, Too?"

Fascinating stuff. Check it out.

Posted on February 18, 2007 in