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Punditology 2004

Each election, those of us here at Mandate Media organize a betting pool we call the Punditology Challenge. This year, we're breaking it up: a national challenge, and (since all politics is local) one for the folks right here in Oregon.

So, think you know how this election is going down? Are you the pundit that can make all other pundits point and whisper in awe at the parties for the cool pundits? Think you've got the chops to take on the cable TV nerds? Bring it on.

2004 Punditology Challenge - NATIONAL

2004 Punditology Challenge - OREGON

Good luck on election day. May all your candidates be winners.

(For what it's worth, here's the champs from the Oregon Punditology Challenge in the May primary election.)

Posted on October 27, 2004 in