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Looking for Electoral Vote Maps?

Lately, it seems that everyone has a different favorite electoral-vote map. So, I thought I'd compile a list of all of the ones I could find that are regularly updated. Here they are...

Los Angeles Times
National Journal
New York Times
Washington Post
Real Clear Politics
Slate, Election Scorecard (Unstable URL)

Averaging the maps...
Update 10/16: Bush 257, Kerry 243, Toss-up 38.
Update 10/19: Bush 238, Kerry 251, Toss-up 49. (added Race2004 and N.J.)
Update 10/25: Bush 253, Kerry 228, Toss-up 57.
Update 10/28: Bush 244, Kerry 225, Toss-up 69.
Update 10/29: Bush 241, Kerry 224, Toss-up 73. (added NY Times, WaPo, RCP, and Slate)
Update 10/30: Bush 243, Kerry 226, Toss-up 69.
Update 10/31: Bush 238, Kerry 232, Toss-up 68.
Update 11/2: Bush 239, Kerry 236, Toss-up 64.

Incidentally, Unfutz is doing another averaged projection - with a lot more data.