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MANDATE MEDIAdigital strategy for people changing the world


We’ll help you craft an effective digital communications, fundraising, and organizing strategy that integrates with your offline strategy.

In this era, there are so many ways to communicate – your website, email, blogs, social media, video, internet advertising, and more. We’ll work with you to develop a strategy for reaching your key audiences with the right messages at the right time; and make sure your online strategy is integrated with your offline strategic goals.

Coaching & Consulting

We take a hands-on teaching approach to working with your team. We’ll teach the candidate what he or she needs to know about new media to be successful. We’ll work closely with your staff to develop techniques and tactics for engaging your supporters and the public.

Email Engagement

We’ll help you build your email list, produce effective engagement and fundraising emails, and understand how to get the most from your online program. Our emails drive action. We believe that every campaign communication – including fundraising emails – should embody the candidate’s brand, authentic voice, and personal tone.

Social Media Strategy

Millions of Americans are now using social media – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Google+ etc. – to communicate with friends and family. We’ll develop a strategy to use these networks to create buzz and build your own 24/7 communication channels. We’ll help you create shareable content that moves outward to your supporters. And we’ll develop and execute a plan to cost-effectively build your fans and followers.

Strategic Design and Architecture

We’ll develop a visual design for your website that communicates the right brand image – whether it's traditional or revolutionary, policy-wonky or grassroots hip, local or national, patriotic or pastel. We’ll make it match your existing materials – or get you something ground-breaking and brand-making.

We’ll also develop a content architecture that organizes your website effectively – bringing the latest news and critical action items to the forefront, while integrating social media.

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