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MANDATE MEDIAdigital strategy for people changing the world


Internet advertising has become a very cost-effective way to find new supporters, donors, and volunteers (acquisition) – as well as a critical part of the media mix for reaching voters before election day (persuasion).

Check out some sample banner ads and Facebook ads.


Starting early and running throughout, acquisition ads have become a very cost-effective way to find new supporters, donors, and volunteers.

We work with our clients to develop long-term, persistent campaigns to acquire supporters and donors. Prospecting online means you’re able to narrowly target new audiences by demographics, geography, or issue interest area – and you’re able to tweak the creative in real-time, as performance data rolls in and as news events create opportunities.


Late in the game, online ads are now an important part of your voter contact persuasion program to supplement broadcast ads and direct mail. Whether you’re targeting ad-skipping voters, pre-flighting your direct mail, or reinforcing your TV ads during the workday, internet advertising is a powerful tool to leverage the messaging in your traditional media vehicles.

We develop the strategy, produce the creative, target the ads, place the bids, optimize the buy, and report the results. We’ll actively manage your online advertising every day – making sure that you’re getting the best results possible for your limited resources.

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