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MANDATE MEDIAdigital strategy for people changing the world


March 25, 2014Are campaigns and nonprofits facing a Facebook apocalypse?
June 26, 2013On DOMA Decision Day, Facebook crushed Google+ and Twitter
April 8, 2013Will your Facebook cover photo still work in the news feed?
October 27, 2011More research: TV ads slipping, online ads surging.
June 13, 2011FEC: Disclaimers may be required for Facebook ads (or not)
March 18, 2011Super-smart: NCAA runs timely Facebook ads during games
March 16, 2011Online vs. TV? No, it's online plus TV
January 31, 2011Promoting congressional town halls with Facebook and Google ads
August 14, 2008The disconnect between consultants and voters
April 8, 2007Using search advertising effectively
February 25, 2007CandidatesForSale.com wins Pollie Award for Best Organization/PAC Website
February 13, 2007 Innovative list-building Flash BlogAd from John Kerry
November 1, 2006Are these candidates for sale?
January 23, 2006John Kerry starts blogging
October 19, 2005Making Killer BlogAds
August 15, 2005TIVO and the 2008 election
August 8, 2005Sneak Preview! The new DSCC website
July 11, 2005Effective Online Advertising
June 26, 2005BlogAds for Fun and Profit
June 15, 2005Nuke Retro: the first nationwide liberal blog ad buy
May 16, 2005$100,000 Internet Ad Buy... for Volunteers
May 13, 2005Still spending the whole budget on TV? Try this.
May 11, 2005 Advertising on the national liberal blog network
February 4, 2005Preview the Super Bowl Ads
October 13, 2004Reaching Voters Online with Web Ads
September 12, 2004Buying Online Advertising
May 11, 2004Online Advertising for Local Campaigns: Finally Here?

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