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Boosting your Google rank

Lately, I've had a lot of questions about how to boost a new site's ranking in Google. Here's the quickie-read on How Google Works.

Google's basically a democracy. (See, I told you this would make sense to politicos.) Your site's Google Score is based on how many other sites out there "vote" for your site - by putting up a link to your site. After all, if lots of sites link to yours, it's gotta be good.

Of course, not all votes are equal. In fact, a link from a site that already has a huge Google Score is worth a lot more than a link from some weird, dinky site nobody cares about. Makes sense, right?

So, how do you boost your Google ranking? Easy. Get lots of links on other sites pointing at yours. Better yet, get links from other sites that already rank high. Generate a list of all your friend and neighbor sites, and ask them to link to you. (Feels a lot like politics, eh?)

A good place to start is with blogs. Heck, consider having your own blog even. (But, please, don't have an "official" blog. They're always so dull.) Blogs generate huge Google Rank - mostly because they generate lots of pages that interlink; they often link to each other in massive ways; and blog content is often syndicated automagically on lots of other sites. So, one mention on a blog can be worth 15-20 inbound links.

Of course, it's always possible to buy Google Ads - and put your results right there at the top of the page. (In the ad area, you can't buy a high ranking in the real results.)