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How the Web is Changing Politics

In a study funded by the Pew Trusts, researchers have identified common characteristics found in campaign websites for Governor, US Senator, and US House. The top five?

  • Substantive documentation on candidate positions and policies. Over 80%.
  • Web mobilization features, like letter-to-the-editor engines, friend-to-friend e-cards, and downloadable bumper stickers, lawnsigns, etc. Around 20%.
  • Online donations. 69% of Senate candidates, 61% of Governor candidates, and 49% of House candidates.
  • Moving past brochure-ware to interactive features like volunteer sign-up, email list signups, online donations, message boards, etc. Over 80%.
  • Links to other political websites that allow interested citizens to surf to related candidates, organizations, and issue advocates. Over 85%.

This item was originally posted at MandateMedia.com on June 22, 2003.