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Joe Trippi on the Paul Hackett campaign: Who are these guys?

Joe Trippi is putting the coda on the Paul Hackett campaign in Ohio's special election for the 2nd Congressional District.

It has finally happened....a bold candidacy, attracted the support of the netroots. Yes Paul Hackett lost -- but no one today is asking "what went wrong?" Or -- saying "see this netroots thing is a bar scene out of starwars." No one in either party establishment or otherwise is asking "if this net thing is so powerful, then how come Paul Hackett lost?"

Oh no.

With Paul Hackett it is clear, more clear then it has ever been, much clearer than 2003/2004 that it was the netroots that helped lift his candidacy to the point where the Republicans and the Democrats in Washington were all asking ala Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid "Who are these guys?"

Check it out.