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legal stuff

June 22, 2011Twitter should suspend NRSC twitter privileges
June 13, 2011FEC: Disclaimers may be required for Facebook ads (or not)
July 28, 2008In Pennsylvania, an email broadcasting effort gone awry
May 10, 2007The 12 Laws Every Blogger Should Know
April 18, 2007Credit Card Fees: Should they be considered a campaign expenditure?
March 12, 2007California Legislature credentials first blogger as "press"
February 28, 2007California Blogger Denied Press Credential
February 20, 2007Is C-SPAN video copyrighted? Or public domain?
November 20, 2006Candidate Domain Squatting
November 2, 2006This time it's Chafee: Another stupid, stupid, stupid Senate staffer
September 26, 2006Aide to GOP Congressman busted for fakery on lefty blogs
September 14, 2006Legal advice for online political activity
September 11, 2006Over 300,000 college students demand better privacy from Facebook
August 20, 2006 Another Congressman in trouble for screwing around on Wikipedia
August 10, 2006Anonymously spreading rumors on the internet
July 21, 2006Ethics in political blogging?
July 5, 2006 Astroturf DFA Chapters Harvesting Names?
June 2, 2006 Federal court: blogs not liable for their commenter's libel
May 20, 2006Fake email controversy in New Orleans election
May 19, 2006The stunning scope of the new FEC rules
April 27, 2006Wikipedia: Not worth getting fired over.
April 16, 2006New Orleans candidate uses Disney "New Orleans" photo backdrop
March 26, 2006 FEC issues draft rules on blogging & politics
December 24, 2005Pirro's website breaks federal law
November 29, 2005Bloggers Digging Deep into Duke's Dirty Money (OR-4 & NJ-7)
November 1, 2005Anonymous Blogging Defended
September 20, 2005 FEC taking comments on regulation of blogs
July 24, 2005More doctored photos, this time from NYC mayoral candidate Virginia Fields
July 22, 2005 Bret Schundler's Patent Power Grab
June 23, 2005Never, ever, ever send emails to these domain names
June 6, 2005FEC gets comments on regulating blogging & internet activity
March 30, 2005Winning Back Your (Domain) Name
October 14, 2004 FEC to regulate internet activity?
May 12, 2004That's Right: McCain-Feingold Doesn't Apply

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