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Free conference calls

OK, so this is a bit more prosaic of an item - but pretty useful to a lot of organizations.

FreeConferenceCall.com provides, well, free conference calls. That's it. No hitch.

They're able to make it free by taking a cut of the long-distance charges that your callers will pay. The only downside to you is that you can't offer an 800# to your callers.

But, as one client said to me recently, "Look - it costs 'em 10 cents a minute max; and nothing if they're on a cell phone or internet phone. The other alternative is that we pay a buck or two a minute - each call would be like $50." And that can add up pretty fast for a small nonprofit or political campaign.

[And no, we have no financial interest in the company - just a fan!]

Posted on December 2, 2005 in
tech advice.