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Trouble finding a campaign domain name?

Finding a good domain name can be a tough challenge for a campaign. You want something short and memorable. You also want something that's easily spellable, that doesn't require an explanation over the phone or on the doorstop.

"Um yeah, that's jerry4az-4.com. Right, 'jerry', and then the number 4, and then 'A' 'Z' - like Arizona - and then a dash and then another number 4. We're in the 4th district, you see."

And of course, many of the best ones are gone -- especially for ballot measures, where you can't rely on a candidate's name.

Well, our pal Ernie Delmazzo has a new site up -- URLs.net -- which is basically another domain farm that offers up domains for auction. Only this one is different. First of all, it's loaded with domains for elections, activism, politics, and government.

We're generally not fans of the whole domain farming thing, but many of these domains are good enough that someone was bound to grab 'em. And better a decent guy like Ernie Delmazzo -- who has done lots of good work for progressive campaigns -- than some nefarious porn operator in Uzbekistan.