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Act Blue moving into state campaigns

Over at ActBlue, they're considering a move into state-level races. This would make it much, much easier for campaigns in those states to move online and raise money fast. We've written about ActBlue before here at P&T:

How can a campaign take advantage of this great new service? First, encourage all your supporters to build their own fundraising pages. Yes, yes, of course, that means that they'll include other candidates - but they'll all include your candidate too. They'll get excited about generating dollars, and they'll email their friends about giving.

Think of it as a virtual house party - with a dozen candidates invited to make a pitch (including you). Now multiply that effect by several hundred supporters... You get the idea.

Of course, moving into individual states is going to entail a lot of hard logistical, legal, and financial work. So, ActBlue is asking folks to help them decide what states should be priorities.

Vote here. (And discover, in the process, how instant runoff voting works!)

Posted on October 12, 2005 in