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How to lose an $80 donation: a cautionary tale.

Just got this note from a friend. It's a cautionary tale.

Thought I'd send along this example of how to lose an $80 campaign donation... I've been getting Bill Richardson's emails for quite a while now without donating anything yet. And while I am actually not as attracted to him as I once was, this email and the ads I watched when I clicked through to the donation form motivated me just enough to say "OK, I'll send along some money and help keep the pot boiling in Iowa."

So off to complete the form and I fill the whole thing out... without including my phone number since I for sure don't want phone calls coming to me as a result of the donation. Hit the send button and back it comes with the response that the phone number is required...

Now that's a pretty dumb move... and if it was done because its required by the Feds for record keeping, people should be told that on the form itself. Or at least when the form bounces back. But to just insist on the phone number or the donation won't clear... really, really stupid idea.

I agree. If it's not required, don't require it. You don't want anything standing between you and your donor's money.

Posted on November 9, 2007 in