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Don't ask me for a million dollars

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: If you want to have success raising money online, you've got to get organized online. And that means MUCH more than having a website.

It means emailing your supporters with compelling messages, participating via comments on blogs, speaking to bloggers, organizing compelling action alerts, etc.

In Campaigns & Elections magazine [subscribers only], our pal Bob Brigham (who helped generate support for Paul Hackett) says it best:

“Campaigns that work with local bloggers will have real-time capability that will prove invaluable when things break. Candidates need to stop calling me and asking for a million dollars, and start calling their local bloggers and asking for 15 minutes to talk about the race.”

Every campaign knows how to work the angles with the media. Now, add working the angles with local bloggers to your to-do list.

They're ready, willing, and easy to activate. Best of all, they've got the highly-targeted audience you want - donors, volunteers, and message maniacs.

Don't know where the progressive blogs are in your area? Check out our project: LeftyBlogs.com. All local, all the time.