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MoveOn's Wes Boyd Hammers the Democrats

It's a stunning statement, really:

The Democratic Party had no idea how to use the Internet. They treated it like free money and then kept on doing all the rest of the things they normally do--working to raise money from the same big contributors. They don't understand or want to use the Internet as the two-way communication system it is.

The rest of the interview of Wes Boyd (by author Don Hazen) is about the strong commitment of MoveOn to tack left, organize the grassroots, and build party infrastructure to replace the DNC:

The party currently is about fund-raising and occasionally blasting out ads. The senate and congressional campaign committees keep getting more and more narrow in their targeting -- there is little work done on national message. The party has to be much more. It has to connect in a real way with rank-and-file members and be their voice.

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