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MoveOn activist heads across the pond

The fellow whose parody website, GWBush.com, caused George Bush to declare, "There ought to be limits to freedom." is now headed to Great Britain to assist the Labor Party with their internet strategy.

After GWBush.com, Zack Exley worked with MoveOn.org, the Dean for America campaign, and the Kerry for President campaign.

Of course, the Conservatives are chortling.

"We're looking forward to Mr. Exley leading Tony Blair to the same electoral outcome as he did John Kerry," chairman Liam Fox said.

The Conservatives appear to have adopted Voter Vault -- the data-mining system built by the Republican Party. We covered Voter Vault here at P&T last year, when it was reported the Voter Vault had been outsourced to India.

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Posted on March 31, 2005 in
in the news.