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Pundits, Prognosticators, and Politicos

Sure, this blog is intended to be a look at the ways that campaigns across America are using technology, but once in a while, we'll pop in on the local scene here at Mandate Media.

Here in Oregon, election day is Tuesday. And that means that once again we're running our Punditology Challenge. Political pros and pundits are jumping in and making their predictions on the hottest races in the state.

If you're not feeling up to the challenge, check in on Tuesday morning when the picks are in place, and you can check out the conventional wisdom.

FYI, in 2002, we learned a couple of things. First, the conventional wisdom of professional prognosticators is usually right. Except when it's spectacularly wrong. Second, it ain't about luck - the top pickers in the primary challenge and the general election edition were all long-time hacks and flacks. These guys know what they're doing.

Check out the 2002 results and conclusions for the primary and the general.