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MANDATE MEDIAdigital strategy for people changing the world

Our Work

Building a great website isn’t your goal; changing the world is.

That means having the right tools, combined with effective design and a thoughtful strategy. Here at Mandate Media, we can help you with all of it.

Strategic Design

We work closely with our clients to develop a visual design for their websites that communicates the right brand image – whether it's traditional or revolutionary, policy-wonky or grassroots hip, local or national, patriotic or pastel. We'll make sure that your site design communicates clearly and drives people to action.

See some samples of our work in our design portfolio.

Email Broadcasting

With our MandateMail system, we've made it easy to produce attractive email broadcasts; deal with bouncebacks, unsubscribes, and address changes; track email performance; and help ensure that your mail gets into the inbox – not the spam/bulk box.

Learn more about Mandate Mail.

Managing Your Website

Our content management system (CMS) is built on the open-source Django framework. The Django framework is said to be built for "perfectionists with deadlines" – and we're able to rapidly produce complex and interesting websites with a variety of technical and content requirements.

Learn more about our content management system.