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MANDATE MEDIAdigital strategy for people changing the world


December 13, 2011John Tree: The Story of United Flight 448
March 16, 2011Online vs. TV? No, it's online plus TV
July 23, 2007Does YouTube hurt or help politics?
July 22, 2007A history of YouTube & Politics
July 2, 2007Compare & Contrast the YouTube Alternatives
May 12, 2007Ed Markey goes YouTube, from the chairman's seat
March 21, 2007 Hillary 1984 ad-creator unmasked and loses job
March 1, 2007YouTube launches candidate portal
February 20, 2007Is C-SPAN video copyrighted? Or public domain?
January 3, 2007Starbucks defends itself on YouTube
March 11, 2006 Outrageous GOP "Twilight Zone" ad generates dollars - for Democrat
March 2, 2006Colorado Secretary of State candidate plummets from airplane; survives
August 29, 2005 Media coverage for TV spots - that don't actually run
August 26, 2005New Tech: The Robo-Dialer Town Hall
August 15, 2005TIVO and the 2008 election
August 14, 2005Watch this video: Trippi & Kos
August 8, 2004The End of Radio?
July 22, 2004Democratic Ads / DNC Video Contest
May 27, 2004Seriously - the ad.
March 27, 2003Live and Uncensored from Iraq

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