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Optimized for Mobile

We'll develop a mobile-optimized display for your website, ensuring that your site looks and works great, no matter what device your supporters use. When it comes to mobile, Mandate Media led the way - as the first Democratic firm to go 100% mobile-optimized for federal and state campaigns.

Here's what a mobile-optimized display looks like for our client sites:

  • If you visit with your desktop computer or an iPad, you see a full website.

  • If you visit with a mobile device, you see the same content, but with the navigation, design, and typography optimized for mobile. In short, a mobile design pulls everything into a single column, tightens up navigation, and makes the site taller while ensuring that critical stuff is in the first "screen-ful".

  • And here's the best part: If you're on your mobile device, and you share a link with a friend, that friend will also get the right view for their device. (As opposed to seeing the mobile view on their desktop - ick!)

Here's an example from Jim Himes for Congress.

Mobile Site

Desktop Site