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Mandate Media: Digital Strategy for People Changing the World

Who We Are

We are a full service digital strategy and services firm specializing in progressive political campaigns and advocacy organizations. We are dedicated to finding and developing the unique voice of our clients - a voice that resonates and helps them win.

We are smart, happy, and fast. We work for people and causes we believe in. We believe in the importance of the progressive movement to make a difference and we want to help. We think the internet is a radical medium that empowers passionate people and committed organizations. We want to change the world - and do that with you. Meet the Team.

Things that are important to us:


We are based in Portland, Oregon, because we’d never want to live anywhere else. We want to change the world here in our own backyard, across the country, and around the world.

We are an active part of our community and support organizations who do good work with both our time and our money. We give 5% of our profits to good causes and encourage our staff to volunteer their talents and time to organizations they are passionate about.

Progressive Ideals

We consider ourselves to be a 'Not Just For Profit' company. We believe that we can work for people and causes we believe in and make a profit, and we’d never take on a client we wouldn’t vote for or give money to. We believe in the power of the progressive movement and want to help change the world.


We are family-friendly in the broadest sense. Our ‘family’ extends to our employees, their families, and our friends. We encourage our staff to be flexible with their time. If they need to take time to take care of themselves, a family member, or just go to the grocery store during the day, great! We trust our team to get the job done and find that they do a better job because of it. We provide good benefits, competitive wages, and time to recharge. Happy employees mean happy clients.