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Slamming the Republican presidential websites

Over at TechPresident, the former eCampaigns Director for the RNC - Michael Turk - is slamming the GOP presidential campaign websites.

Mitt's team is entirely driven by money right now (which I expect to change with the hiring of my former deputy Mindy Finn). Giuliani's campaign is apparently still building a website (and frankly I'm not sure how much longer they can get by with brochureware.) Brownback (digging into the lower tier) has a remarkably unremarkable website that seems to be designed for no other purpose than the distribution of press releases. I'd love to assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of the campaigns and their online operations. Unfortunately, only McCain is attempting new things. The fact that I think those things fall short should not be taken as a disparaging view of what McCain's doing. To the contrary, I think he is engaging in some interesting tactics, but they seem to be technology for technology's sake. They should rely less on technology and more on marketing. ... Are any of the other GOP candidates doing anything as compelling to attract supporters? No. Should McCain be applauded for providing something more than an expensive brochure online? Yes. Is he getting it right? I don't believe he is. Could he be? Yes, with little effort. Until someone else does something, a critique of McCain's efforts is all I can offer... That and a stern rebuke to the other campaigns for doing so little...


Posted on March 16, 2007 in