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Innovative list-building Flash BlogAd from John Kerry

He may not be running for President, but John Kerry is staying in the game. This week, his was the first organization to debut a Flash ad with BlogAds. And not just any Flash ad -- but a well-designed little sign-up form, inviting progressive activists to join his campaign to set a deadline to end the Iraq War.

It's a bold innovation - and we're bound to see more like it. Just another way to shorten the distance between where the audience is hanging out, and the list you want 'em on.

Check it out:

Co-sign John Kerry's Legislation

Senator John Kerry is campaigning to end the war in Iraq. With your vocal support we can set a deadline to redeploy our troops from Iraq.

Sign the form above, or come to Set A Deadline and become a citizen co-sponsor of the legislation.

Paid for by John Kerry for Senate