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The confirmation email: a key resource

When someone donates to your campaign, do you send a brief confirmation email? And if so, do you take the opportunity to cement the relationship and encourage them to do more?

After all, the confirmation email is going to be opened and read. It's arriving at the precise moment when the donor is feeling happiest about your campaign (after all, they donated.)

So, don't send a perfunctory 'thank you' note. Take 2-3 sentences and tell 'em what their donation will accomplish - and then give 'em 2-3 options for doing more: volunteer, tell a friend, write a letter, get a lawn sign, host a house party, ask their friends for money, whatever.

Over at his blog, Chris Baggott provides similar advice from the corporate marketing side of things, and shares a great example from BackCountry.com.

This is one of the best transactional emails I've ever recieved. They even invite me to chat right from the email and offer some potential cross sell opportunity.

We spend lots of time, money, and energy worrying about things like home page design - but not enough time paying attention to simple things like transactional emails, and the relationship opportunities embedded therein.

Posted on November 27, 2006 in
email strategy.