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Worst campaign websites of 2006

Over at CNet, they've compiled a slideshow of seventeen of the worst campaign websites in the country.

From Shawn O'Donnell (D), running for Congress in Virginia:

Shawn O'Donnell is a Democrat running for office in Virginia. He's "caring, patient, and smart and he has integrity." That's according to no less an authority than his dog, Josie, who pens a bizarre blog on O'Donnell's campaign Web site. You've got to wonder about grown men who pretend to be household pets, especially if they flatter themselves in the third person.

To Congressman Bob Inglis (R) of South Carolina:

There's only one word that adequately describes the sight of this South Carolina Republican shaking his booty in Paris Hilton-sized sunglasses across the stage of your screen. That word would be "goofy." There's a disturbingly amusement park feel to the mango-colored background, invitation to ice cream socials, and advertisements of door-to-door visits--complete with Inglis' head bobbing up and down behind the glass panes of the door.

Check out the rest.